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If you are a Room Parent for the 2020/2021 school year, please click the link below to fill out the room parent form. 

Get Involved!

Getting involved at Limestone Creek Elementary is a great way to show support for your teachers, PTO, and school!

If you're interested in being a Room Parent/PTO Class Liason, please watch this brief presentation in lieu of the PTO General Membership meeting. *Link here -> General Membersip and Room Parent Info

Typical Room Parent Responsibilities (this can vary from teacher to teacher)

In the Classroom
  • Create a classroom contact e-mail list (with parent's permission).  
  • Coordinate volunteers and collect supplies for classroom events
  • Perform or coordinate volunteers for light administrative duties such as copying, putting up bulletin boards, stapling/collating etc.
  • Collect items or money for teacher gifts during the holidays, teacher/staff appreciation week in May, or for end of the year activities.

  • Work with the PTO to keep your classroom parents informed of PTO meetings and events
  • Assist in gathering volunteers from the class for PTO family events such as Walk-a-thon, the Sweetheart Dance, and Mother/Son event.  
  • Note:  You will only receive an email from PTO when a meeting or event is happening in which we need your assistance in communicating to the class and your teacher.  The School's Volunteer Coordinator will also seek your assistance in finding volunteers for school-wide events such as SWISH, school picture days, and health screenings, and PE field days.  All email addresses will be kept confidential and will only be used for official PTO and school business. 

As always, we thank you for your interest in these very important and rewarding classroom volunteer positions.  We ask that you always communicate with your teacher first, and please respect classroom guidelines your teacher may have regarding Room Parents.  

Please email questions to [email protected]

Get to know your teacher by having them fill out a Favorite Things sheet that you can share with your class parents.  DOWNLOAD FORM HERE

General Room Parent Do's and Don'ts


Communicate with your teacher about what she needs you to do

Create a list of activities and volunteer needs and share with class parents

Get teacher approval before planning parties and events

Ask parents to help so that everyone is included

Make it clear that participation in gift giving is optional

Be the PTO communication liaison so that parents are involved of PTO activities and events

Ask the teacher if there are any children in the class that have not granted permission for photo sharing and contact information sharing



Send an email to parents without putting the addresses into the BCC line

Use your role as a Room Parent to ask for special favors

Make it mandatory that parents contribute towards a gift of activity

Be rude or inconsiderate towards other parents

Intentionally leave out other parents

Go against teacher wishes

Share photos or contact information without obtaining permission from every child in the class (thru the teacher)