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Meet Our Volunteer of the Month

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the HEART."  Elizabeth Andrew

Aly's Amazing Contributions

No doubt, the very first thing students, families, and staff will notice when entering Limestone Creek Elementary this year is the new breathtaking ocean mural that is painted on the walkways.  This was done in the heat of summer by the very talented parent volunteer, Aly McKee.

Thank you, Aly

Thank you, Aly, for sharing your talents and time making our school beautiful!

Aly also repainted our Courtyard Map and made it beautiful.  It's fun to see parents having lunch with their children and calling out states for their kids to run to. 

Thank you, Aly, for all that you do!

In appreciation for your service, please enjoy the PTO Parking spot for the month of August!