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"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the HEART."  Elizabeth Andrew

May 2019 Volunteer of the Month

Robin Walder
Slide into Summer Mother/Son Event Chair

We're honored to announce that our May Volunteer of the Month goes to Robin Walder!

Robin is our Slide into Summer Mother/Son event chair this year. She has been working so hard to make this event super fun for the boys and even a little relaxing for our special Moms.

Not only does Robin volunteer her time on campus, she also works so hard to financially support our Marine Science Initiative with her beautiful Blackbird Jewelry LCE Sealife Line of bracelets and necklaces. Visit for more details.

Robin is the proud mama to three children along with her wonderful husband Michael Walder. To know Robin is to love Robin. She has to be one of the kindest, most giving, happy souls that we know. LCE is so lucky to have her.

Robin, Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our LCE Community. We appreciate you so much!

Welcoming April with one of our amazing volunteers, Virginia Stonecipher! Congratulations on being our April Volunteer of the Month! Virginia is our Cougar Carnival chair.  Through her hard work, dedication and vision we are thrilled to announce the return of a long standing Limestone Creek Elementary tradition!!  Virginia is the proud mother of 2 beautiful children who has one of the sweetest hearts around.  Thank you Virginia for your dedication to our school and for bringing BACK THE CARNIVAL!! 🐾

Thank you!  We appreciate you!  

Welcoming a new month with one of our amazing volunteers, Randi Woodard! Congratulations on being our March Volunteer of the Month! Randi is our Treasurer and works so hard throughout the year keeping all of our finances in order! She has chaired several events in the past, including our Walkathon. Randi also finds the time to help us with all of our events to ensure our LCE kiddos have a great experience. It doesn’t stop there! Randi also is a wonderful Girl Scout Leader to some of our very own LCE students and they have even done a few projects to benefit our school! Thank you Randi for all you do to make LCE such a great place 🐾

A big huge thank you to Bree Coplen and Brenda Phipps, our two volunteers of the month for February 2019 🐾 These two ladies have been working non stop chairing our upcoming “Under the Sea” Father Daughter Dance. They have worked so hard ensuring that our LCE girls will have a fabulous night with their dads! They are also rockstar volunteers in the classroom and are ready to give a helping hand when needed! We are so lucky to have these two wonderful ladies on our team!

LCE PTO Volunteers of the Month for January 2019 are Jamie and Julie Cart and Mary Greenberg.

These volunteers are better known as our “Poppin” Popcorn Team. Jamie, Julie and Mary ensure that fresh popcorn is delivered EVERY Friday to our LCE students for a Fun Friday snack! They always have smiling faces and ensure that any extra popcorn gets delivered to our LCE staff! We are so thankful for not only their weekly contribution to our school, but for all the other support they offer during other PTO events!

Thank you,  we appreciate you!  

LCE PTO Volunteers of the Month for December 2018 are Amber Hicks and Laurie Brandon, the dynamic duo behind the Holiday Shoppe!

These ladies have been working non stop for the past few months shopping, creating, wrapping and organizing everything to make our Holiday Shop a magical adventure for our students! We are so thankful for all your hard work and dedication not only for chairing the holiday shop, but for everything else you do for LCE 🐾 Thank you ladies for helping to bring the holiday cheer to our school! 

A little about Amber:  We moved here 4 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio to join our family who lives here in Jupiter as well. I left a career working at American Greetings headquarters in Business Development and assistant buying to support my husbands family business and expansion in Florida. I became a stay at home mother "for now" volunteering till my son no longer thinks I'm cool to be
We wanted to be apart of this school so we made it happen! The people working for this school are such hard workers and it shows! I wanted to contribute and be apart of it.

A little about Laurie:  I have three amazing children here at Limestone, grades 3, 1, & K.  We are enjoying Limestone and I love having all three kids at one school finally. 

Community is a big deal to me.  A great community that works together to greater the quality of life for others is what I strive to achieve not only for us parents, but for our youth as well.  By volunteering once in a while, I get to be a part of helping the quality of our school, getting to know the kids that my kids spend most of their week with, meet amazing people such as yourselves, and I am able to show our youth that a little bit of time given to help others can go a long way in achieving great things!  For me, volunteering for Limestone is my way of helping to keep our kids "school community" (that they spend most of their time in) a safe, fun, and successful environment.

Thank you, Amber and Laurie, for your dedication to our school and for putting together such a fun shopping experience for our kids!  We appreciate you!

November 2018 Volunteer of the Month

Rheanna Pages

PTO Corresponding Secretary, Volunteer, and Room Mom

Rheanna is the PTO's Corresponding Secretary and she runs our Facebook Page.  She's the sweet one that responds to all of your messages and emails. She helps with all the events and fundraisers. She serves our PTO all day everyday despite being a busy working Mommy and wife with two kids plus one on the way. She's also a fantastic Room Mom.  Thank you for your service to LCE and to the PTO.

About Rheanna:

I graduated from FSU! I have 2 kids and one on the way, I’m a Girl Scout leader and work with a non profit called Renewal Coalition that assists our Wounded Veterans and their Families. I really enjoy being apart of our school and want all of our LCE students to have a great Elementary school experience creating fun memories! I've learned so much on how hard everyone works to make this PTO a success and I am so thankful for everyone that helps to foster an amazing school for our kids! I’ve been on the PTO for 2 years now but volunteering for 3.

October 2018  

Scarlett Chan, Kerrie Rhoades, and Erin Carter Pansolli

Monster Dash Co-chairs

LCE PTO Volunteer of the Month for October 2018 is a trio of fantastic ladies who are the co-chairs of this year's Monster Dash fundraiser.  A big thank you to Scarlett Chan, Kerrie Rhoades, and Erin Carter Pansolli.

Monster Dash is the biggest PTO fundraising event of the year and these ladies  are responsible for all the FUN and FUNDS associated with this event!  Without the effort of this team, our school would not be able to fund many of the special projects and initiatives that make Limestone Creek so amazing!

Scarlett Chan - "I am the proud Mother of 2 active boys, my oldest son is a kindergartener at LCE and my younger son is in preschool.  I enjoy being outdoors and staying active with my boys.  Volunteering for their schools has given me an opportunity to give back to the school and stay involved in their education.  Fundraising has always been a passion of mine and I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to help LCE reach its fundraising goals. I look forward to the upcoming year and supporting our teachers, administration and staff."

Kerrie Rhoades - "I am a proud parent of two LCE boys who are in the 3rd & 1st grades. I learned the value and importance of volunteering and giving back from my parents and hope to instill those same values in my sons. LCE's teachers' and administrations' unparalleled dedication to our students' and school's success is second to none. I love LCE and our LCE community. Co-chairing the walk-a-thon is my way of saying thank you to our teachers and administration and expressing my gratitude for all that they do for my children."

Erin Carter Pansolli - "I'm the proud stepmom of 2 boys at Limestone - Cole (4th grade) and Dylan (1st grade.) I enjoy volunteering as it gives me the opportunity to give back to the school that provides so much for our boys! I first co-chaired Walk-A-Thon last year and really enjoyed the challenge of running such a large and important event for the school. There's so many things to be done leading up to it, but the best part is watching the kids have a blast and seeing the donations be used to do exciting new things at the school!!"

Thank you, ladies, we appreciate you!  Enjoy the PTO parking spot for the month of October!

September 2018 - Volunteer of the Month

Karin Slazinski - Cougar Shop

A huge giant thank you to volunteer extraordinaire, Karin Slazinksi, who is charge of the Cougar Shop.  This is a huge task that requires excellent organization and takes countless volunteer hours.  Boxes and boxes of Cougar shirts invaded Karin's home this summer and her whole family helped with picking and packing orders to make sure everything was ready for pickup the week before school. 

Thank you, Karin!  We appreciate you and thank you for your service to our school. 

In appreciation for your service, please enjoy the PTO Parking spot for the month of September!

August 2018 - Volunteer of the Month

Aly McKee

Aly's Amazing Contributions

No doubt, the very first thing students, families, and staff will notice when entering Limestone Creek Elementary this year is the new breathtaking ocean mural that is painted on the walkways.  This was done in the heat of summer by the very talented parent volunteer, Aly McKee.

Aly also repainted our Courtyard Map and made it beautiful.  It's fun to see parents having lunch with their children and calling out states for their kids to run to. 

Thank you, Aly, for sharing your talents and time making our school beautiful!